Sunday, March 6, 2011

welcome to the neighborhood

First impressions carry a lot of weight.
Often they are a glimpse of the true character of people.
In my short time getting to know the US Navy community I have been astonished
by the supportive, caring people I have encountered. 

I'm a information junkie, so from day one when the Navy 
was just one of several options my son was considering, I have been
scouring the internet. One of the first sites I found is one 
of the best ~ . Here I found  (and continue to find)
a treasure trove of information, links and, best of all,
support from a mom's point of view. I can not say enough about
this outstanding resource. I ♥ N4M. 

The Navy has MANY wonderful official sites (some links are to your left)
and a great presence on FaceBook including US Navy Life .
A one line comment I made on this page regarding my son being a recruit
resulted in not one, not two, but THREE ladies contacting me
via FaceBook to make sure I knew about Navy for Moms and to offer
to answer any questions I might have. Amazing!! 

Over and over I encounter people with some connection to the Navy 
and they all are welcoming, supportive and eager to share information.
I am sure this is true of the other military branches also. 

It speaks to the character of our military as a whole and my first 
and ongoing impression is that this is a group of people that care
and look out for one another~ a community. It reaffirms
that this is the place for my son. Knowing that our sailors are being
backed up on the home-front by this caliber of people is a good, good thing. 

As I learn about and experience life as a Navy mom
I hope to be a positive part of this community, passing on 
my experiences and knowledge (when I get some)
and offering support to others. 

So I offer a huge thank you to those who have welcomed me
thus far. Your support is priceless and I treasure it. 

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