Thursday, March 24, 2011

the power of thoughts

I find myself fighting doubts, wondering if we have left a "T" uncrossed, 
an "I" undotted as my son's boot camp departure inches nearer. 
 You see, today's Navy is over-manned.
Recruits find themselves under the microscope, as the Navy
 can well afford to accept only the best. 
Even with an ASVAB  score in the highest category 
my son has to toe the line. The Navy disqualifies 
many recruits for seemingly small things. I understand 
this though. With recruits and potential recruits lined 
up for jobs, it is the logical thing to take only
 the cream of the crop. 
This being said, I have to have confidence in my son. 
He is determined and a hard worker. 
His test scores have qualified him for one of
 the military's most challenging educational
programs~ nuclear propulsion
He had an incredible opportunity. 
And he is thinking BIG!
So, I will do the same.
 I owe it to my son and to myself to think BIG!
"Who are we? We are children of God. 
Our potential is unlimited. 
Our inheritance is sacred. 
May we always honor that heritage
 - in every thought and deed." 
-Russell M. Nelson

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