Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Navy for peaceniks...

Who would have thought it? I'm a Navy mom.
I prefer not to discuss politics here, 
but I will confess to a "flower-child" background. 
I even attended a "NO NUKES"
march on Washington, DC way back in the day. 
And what is my son going to be in the Navy?
Ah, gotta' love that!
Nukes work in nuclear propulsion, by the way~
NOT nuclear weapons.

This world requires a military presence. 
We can not pretend that we do not have enemies.
But, if you think all the Navy is about is war
read this about just one of the
 Navy's humanitarian aid missions.

And let me tell you, nobody wants peace
more than a military mom! 
I love my country...
and my son.

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