Thursday, March 17, 2011

the "d-word" revisited...

A few posts back I mentioned the "d-word"... danger. 
We live in a dangerous world, as is evidenced by the current
 tragic situation in Japan. My heart goes out to the people
of this country. They are showing such grace and resilience
in these unimaginably trying circumstances. The losses
are incalculable and now a nuclear disaster seems to be inevitable. 

The U.S. military, and particularly the Navy, are deeply involved
in rescue and recovery aid at this time. They are doing noble work
and they are in danger. I pray for all involved in this situation,
 victims and rescuers. There are so many heroes~
 the people of Japan who are helping one another, 
all of the brave aid workers, the military personnel,
the nuclear workers who are trying to avert a total reactor melt-down. 
So many are in the danger zone.
I pray for good news, for safety,
and I pray prayers of thanksgiving for heroes unsung.

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