Sunday, May 13, 2012

anchored by love

Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.

That's me, yours truly, with all my sweet babies.
This photo is from last Christmas, the last time we
were all together. It will be next Christmas before
we will all be together again. That's a long time. 

Today was my first Mother's Day since my sailor son 
(that guy in stripes in the middle) left to serve.
It has been a good day, but tinged with a bit 
of heartache. My sailor called me! In fact,
since my birthday was just a few days ago
I have actually talked to him several times in the 
past few days.He sounds good.
Power School is going well. He is sounding
more confident and less exhausted.
That makes me very happy.

Honestly, I do not love my nearly empty nest,
even-though I KNOW that healthy birds
leave the nest. I can't help it. I miss them.
I hate the silence. My 15 year old is not a 
noisy kid and he is at that "shut the door
and hide out in my room" age. 
I stay busy and I truly count myself blessed.
But oh how I miss those sweet faces, those silly 
kids, those beautiful hearts that anchor me.

On my birthday my husband and kids and I had 
a wonderful evening. We all missed our
sailor boy. My husband ordered our sailor's 
favorite dish and ate it in a weird sort of tribute 
to him. LOL...Okay, we are sort of odd...
I admit it.

I remind myself, that I have 4 wonderful kids, 
that I am blessed beyond any earthly measure.
I am so grateful that the love we share 
anchors us all. 
Who could ask for more?