Monday, May 23, 2011

Ready or not...

Things are moving faster and faster now that my's son's boot-camp departure
is well under 100 days away! 
At the senior awards ceremony he was recognized
by the Navy. Graduation is this weekend!

  On Saturday he participated in the DEP Olympics.
Five local Navy Recruiting Stations sponsored this great family event.
Future Sailors participated in drills, sit-up, pull-up and  push-up competitions 
and tug-o-war. There was lunch and lots of time to meet some of the Chiefs
and other recruit family members. 

 The drills were impressive. You could tell the Future Sailors had worked hard.

  Tug-o-war was exciting! The highlight was when the Chiefs challenged the winning recruit team.
Of course they won... they way out-numbered the recruits. LOL! Too bad!! 

My favorite part of the day was seeing these eager, hopeful faces! 
The esprit-de-corps was wonderful! 
Already, these young people are supporting their future shipmates.

 Then on Saturday night my son participated in a mock swearing-in at the local arena
football team's game. The military was honored because it was Armed Forces Day.
It was very moving to see these future sailors and marines on the field. 

And to wrap up a wonderful weekend, our church celebrated the class of 2011.

Time is literally flying. My son is working out almost daily.
I think he will be ready when the day arrives.
And I will, too.
Healthy birds leave the nest.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yikes! When did time become winged?
My son's boot camp departure is suddenly
under 100 days away.100 days! That's nothing?
High school graduation is in a few weeks.
My son is 18 years old
and right on the rim of real life.
He is getting serious about his physical training. 
I nagged him for months to no avail and then suddenly,
it clicked. It is time to get ready!

And it is time for me to get ready, too. 
I wish it was as easy as going to the gym.
No, I am having to prepare my heart.
I need a manual, a sherpa, a dot-to-dot
to show me the way to let go.