Tuesday, March 31, 2015

the long deployment

My son deployed last summer...
 and is still at sea... and is not on the way home yet.
This will be the longest USN deployment 
since Viet Nam by the time it is completed.

A lot has happened since he left... seasons and holidays have passed.

I have sent LOTS of care packages...
including these Christmas ones that LIT UP.

My son said his shipmates were impressed! ;) 

I have grown to LOVE the bubbly sound
my phone makes when I get a Skype message
at odd hours.

My sailor has seen a bit of the world...
Christmas in Dubai~ he'll always remember that.
He stood watch on Christmas day, but had 
a few days off before. 

 There have been other ports and there are more to come. 

He has been part of something important
while in the Persian Gulf for all these months. 
He has seen a lot... but mostly this. 
He has not complained to me one time. 
And I have kept the "home fires burning"...

You count the days.
You send packages
 and email.
You love Skype and Viber.
 You cherish port calls
because your sailor has some fun 
and you get phone calls.
You try not to think 
 about how dangerous the waters 
of the Persian Gulf are.
You pray.

And you have a grateful heart
for this grand and noble adventure.