Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today I'm swabbing the deck and working in the galley.
My son's recruiter is coming for dinner and I have to make things 
nice for him. You'd think the Admiral was coming! But~ I have so many
questions for him I think I need to be sure everything is cozy 
and he is well-fed. It's not like I have to convince him to take my son. 
He has been USN property since he signed his contract in November
of last year. Still, I have a loooong list of questions regarding topics
ranging from wisdom teeth to boot camp choir. 
I'll post a recap tomorrow and hopefully have some good info to pass on.
Now, back to the deck. Seems the rest of the crew has disappeared,
so I'd better get busy!

The recruiter had to postpone his visit  due to some pressing
Navy business (perhaps he is pressing his uniform), so I now have time
to make my list of questions even longer!! If you have one you'd like
for me to ask him, post it as a comment below.
I'm figuring I'm going to have to hold him hostage for seven
or eight hours to ask him all mine, so what's a few more?? ;)

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