Monday, August 1, 2011

up, up and away...

At this time next week my son will be at MEPS
doing his final swearing-in. We will send him off
with love, prayers and encouragement! 
Today I am mostly excited, ready for his
great adventure to begin! 
I keep thinking about how important it is 
to have the right attitude. I want my son to go
forth with confidence and determination. 
I can ask no less of myself! I want to focus
on the positive and radiate peace as I support
my son and learn to navigate my new life
with a less full nest. It's all good.


  1. Enjoy your last few days...last meals, last favorite have been blessed with a wonderful son who will do many great things. -Cheri B

  2. Oh, I know what you're feeling! Nathan got sworn in at MEPS a few weeks ago, and has a boot camp ship date of Dec. 12. Does your son have his ship date yet? Though he's got a few months left at home, I still squeeze Nate a little harder and gaze at him longer these days! :)

  3. ...oops! Just saw the countdown button on your blog! Oh my - seven days!! I will be thinking of you...

  4. Thank you Cheri!! Yes, we are making the most of these days! Such a sea of emotions! ♥

    Barbara~ Yep, a week from today he will be bound for Great Lakes! December 12th will come fast, my friend! Enjoy every moment! ♥

  5. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Remember one thing, it is a big change for him as well as he leaves his family, friends and everything to give time to our country. He will be awesome but can do even better if he knows you're going to be all right. Try to keep a stiff upper lip..harder than it sounds.

  6. Thank you, Penny! I will do my best! I want him to soar!!♥

  7. I know what you are going through right now. When my son went into the Army he was a lost soul. His father had recently died from a car crash, and his world was falling apart. He went off to boot camp in Oklahoma. I went to his graduation a couple months later and couldn't believe the change that was happening to him! I melted in his arms sobbing like a baby when I saw him. Fast forward 8 years and he is getting out. I am so proud of him, he has become a man his father would have been extremely proud of. I will keep your son in my prayers as well as you! I know this is hard, but he will be in good hands. The military really looks out for their own. They also were very respectful to the families as well. Keep packages and letters coming to him. It will be amazing how many support groups out there that will send your son stuff. It really is nice to see the support of so many Americans. Blessings, Marcia


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