Saturday, March 5, 2011

the gift of "lasts"...

We moms are big fans of "firsts"~ first smile, first word, first steps and on and on to first dance, first car.
"Lasts" are more illusive, perhaps because we don't want to think of them and how they mark the passage of time so distinctly.
 Do you recall the last time your child crawled up to your lap for a cuddle and a story?
How about the last time you felt a small hand slip into yours? When was the last time your child watched "Arthur" or colored a picture for you?
 No, we are not as fond of "lasts". They are bittersweet at best.

But in these months before my son leaves for Navy boot camp I have noticed that I am regarding "lasts" at bit differently. Yes, they are still bittersweet, perhaps even more-so, because they seem to be so clearly marking the end of my son's childhood. Still, there is something of a blessing in this knowledge.

At Christmas I took more time to watch my 4 children together. My oldest is married, but acts like a 2 year old when he and his wife are here. It was fun to see my "boys" (14, 18 & 25) romp around like puppies. I loved hearing the sounds of the boys and my daughter and daughter-in-law laughing, playing X-Box and enjoying each other's company. I noted to myself, "This might be the last Christmas we will all be together for a while."

Every day there are more "lasts" to cherish. There will be a day that will be last that I nag my future sailor about his homework, his clothes on the floor or his bedtime on school nights. There will be the last kiss on the head and the "Nite, mom. Love you." from this sweet boy who towers over me.

So, I savor them, these poignant "lasts". I hide them in my heart and smile. They are a gift, a reminder that what we have is this moment.  I strive to live in the now, to appreciate my children, my husband, my friends, my life. Nothing lasts forever... not even these precious "lasts". ~♥~


  1. Beautifully written! Brings a tear...

  2. Thank you so much, Barbara. {♥}

  3. Wonderful blog, I hope the journey is all you expect it to be. Thanks for the link, I found it on N4M.

  4. I am going to go wake Jack up and hug him now.


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