Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the Navy is a sea of acronyms

The military loves acronyms. I think the Navy has about a billion of them.
Our Navy journey begins with this one... DEP
which means Delayed Entry Program

DEPper's have qualified for and selected their rate,
which means they know what their job will be
at the successful completion of the required training.

Ian meets with his recruiters on a regular basis.
There are one-on-one meetings and group
meetings with other local recruits. They work
on learning
and the Navy Core Values .

And I am savoring my time with Ian. I am appreciating his wacky
sense of humor, his determined personality and even the way he
comes down the stairs like a barrel rolling down a mountain.
I love times like last night when ALL of my children are home
and hanging out. I treasure these moments in my heart.♥

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