Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the funny thing about time...

What's the deal with time? It seems to go in jerks and fits,
not in some nice, flowing linear path. 
See that sweet boy? He's my future sailor and I could swear
I took that photo last week. How did he get to be a high 
school senior? We were on cruise, off the coast of Mexico.
My sailor boy loved that ship. He was seven and he and I explored
the ship together. I was so happy that he seemed to love the sea 
and ships as much as me. 
So he will eventually spend a lot of time at sea, working hard,
but hopefully also appreciating the majesty of the world's oceans.
Time is a strange concept. As the days tick past and boot camp
looms I sometimes want to rush forward. I want to be
on the phone getting that "I'm a sailor!" call at the end of boot camp. 
But mostly I am savoring these days while my son
is still here, still, in some ways, that grinning boy on the big
cruise ship, my buddy watching the sun rise off the starboard deck.
All the while, the clock ticks...

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  1. Ahhh, honey, I know how you are feeling.
    No, none of my three went into the Navy, but they all three left for college.
    I'll never forget how I felt when my oldest left. It was like a part of me was gone. I would walk past his bedroom and start crying when I looked in the doorway.
    You'll go through all of that, but you'll also delight in his new adventures, his successes and during those times of failure, you'll be the one he runs to. And, you'll be thanking God at night. On your knees.
    You will always be his mom and he will always be loving you, even during boot camp.

    Be blessed by his presence now and be blessed by his sense of adventure when he leaves.

    I LOVE YOU!!


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