Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Fear is a part of the parenting experience. 
From the first moment we hold our newborns
and ever after we have some level of concern
about our children's well-being. 
Worry is fear's troublesome voice that whispers
in our ears and paints ugly pictures of what might be.

My son's Navy journey thus far has stirred this nagging voice.
As a mother of four I thought I had nearly mastered worry
and fear. It is a matter of survival and sanity, to come
to some sort of truce with with these destructive thoughts.
But, oh, the prospect of my son in boot-camp, 
in an extremely challenging school, on a ship,
working on a nuclear reactor, so far from home!!~
These thoughts have awakened my fears more than
I care to admit. 

But here I am admitting and facing my fears. 
And I have found an anecdote, a tried and true 
balm for my trouble spirit. 
I am focusing on GRATITUDE, on paying heed to the 
good and beautiful things in my life. I am 
actively appreciating the gifts that surround me-
the blessing of a sunny morning, my parrot's chatter,
the sweet sound of my children's laugher. 
I have been reading 
Like the author of this book I have begun a list
of one thousand gifts. One of those gifts
is the opportunity offered to my son by the US Navy.
Gratitude enriches my life, slows my thoughts, stills my heart
so that I might see the blessings of my life.
Fear fades. Worry hushes.
My heart is filled with quiet joy.
Click HERE to follow my list of 1000 gifts.

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