Thursday, January 24, 2013

the journey continues

This is a long overdue update. 
After Power School graduation things
 got super busy in my life. 
I sell my handmade jewelry at shows and fairs
and fall is, naturally, the busiest time.

My sailor was busy himself, with Grad Hold in
Goose Creek. He had a good
job off base for his 2 month hold time.
I got very used to talking and texting 
with him very often. Gone was the worry
and stress of school. His schedule
was predictable and relatively easy. I slept at night
 with a peaceful heart, knowing 
he had a break from the rigors of nuke school. 

In late October I got the best surprise of my life!
My sailor came walking in our back door!!!
I felt like I was dreaming! He was home for week!
Everyone (and I do mean everyone) 
except me knew he was coming,
but it was a complete and total surprise to me!
I did not want to let him go!!!
But of course our week flew by and it was time to say good-bye.
Our sailor was headed to his next level of training
in Ballston Spa, NY, somewhere near the Arctic Circle. ;)
Ok, not that far north, but far enough.

So, now he is in his last phase of nuclear training~ Prototype.
The hours are long, but this is the homestretch.
After the successful completion of Prototype,
sailors are assigned to a ship or sub. 
My sailor is "surface"~ he will be on a nuclear carrier.
He still has hurdles to leap and several months to go.

My Texas boy has learned how to drive in the snow.
He is learning the hands-on part of his job.
He has learned to cook in a crock pot.
And I have learned how to treasure every text, every phone call, 
every (rare) time I see that he has been on FaceBook.
I have learned to live with a piece of my heart
always far away. I know the weather where he is, 
the Google maps view of the road where his little 
rental house sits hidden by the trees. 

I have learned to keep to myself how much I miss him. 
 I have learned that pride and love and longing 
can co-exist in a mother's heart.
I have learned to be a Navy mom.
On the flight deck of the USS Yorktown