Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bravo Zulu, sailor!

What a year it has been for my sailor. Well, technically it is a little over a year since he left for boot camp in Great Lakes. I have been  fortunate enough to be present as he has marked some major accomplishments. The first was his graduation from boot camp last September. That was an amazing, but short visit with our new sailor. PIR (Pass in Review) is a awe-inspiring ceremony and was our real introduction to being Navy parents. The next big thing for our son was his graduation from Nuclear Field A School and his promotion to 3rd Class Petty Officer last February. 

Two weeks ago we headed back to Charleston to see our sailor's graduation from Nuclear Power School. What a joyful time! He looked so handsome in his dress whites. I am so very proud of all he has accomplished. Power School is a challenging 6 months and he has earned the smile you see. 
The ceremony was incredible. It was held outside on a perfect September morning. 
 These young  men and women can hold their heads up high and feel very proud of the hard work they have done to reach this point. More instruction awaits them and it can be as much as year until they are out in the fleet aboard nuclear-powered aircraft carriers or submarines. But on this day, there are hugs, smiles, sighs of relief, salutes and handshakes! 

And then~ a weekend of fun, relaxation and celebration! 
 Yes, I took a million pictures! 

 USS Yorktown

Folly Beach

It was a weekend to treasure! 
Now our sailor is on grad hold~ working on base
as he waits to class up for his next level of schooling.
It has been a momentous year~ a year of joy and tears,
of pride and much heartache.
For our sailor it has been a year of hard work and 
self-sacrifice, of learning Navy ways and becoming a fine sailor.

This boy makes me proud.
 I miss him so much, but he is a sailor now.