Thursday, September 11, 2014

update~ at last

Where does the time go?
I apologize for abandoning this blog.
My son has made this ship his home
since last June.

In the past year he has been on numerous underways
He has gotten to know the ship and the beautiful city of San Diego.
We, as his family, have been blessed to have regular contact
with him (except for during the times he was underway).
He came home for Christmas!!! 

And he came home for 2 weeks this summer!
We had so much fun! 
Having our family complete was truly the best thing ever.
His sweet girlfriend, who has stood by him for FOUR YEARS,
was home from college and they got to spend
lots of time together.♥  

Now everyone knows that warships do not sit in the harbor forever.

After three years of hard work and preparation
it was time. 
The ship deployed in August.
It will be a long journey.

My son is ready. He likes his work.
He is off on his adventure. 

Communication is limited again. 
Every Face Book green light, Skype "ding", email notification
or call from an unknown number might be a message
from a faraway place on the sea.

As always, I miss him.
As always, my heart is full of love & gratitude.