Monday, August 22, 2011

waiting game...

A week ago I got my son's form letter from boot camp. I was delighted to read the lines he wrote...

He's okay! Likes the food! Misses his girlfriend and dog 
and still has his sense of humor!! 
Best of all the first line~ "I'm doing good."
Oh, joy!!! My mother-heart was filled with gratitude! 

Now a week has passed... a long, quiet week. Today my SR started
week three of boot camp. Hopefully his division is working together. 
This is how they earn phone calls and the privilege to write 
and receive letters (of which he should have a lot waiting for him!). 
In the Navy, no news is good news. I know better than to expect 
any communication this soon. It will be at least 3 weeks... 
no sooner. 

So, I am in the doldrums... the still, quiet time of waiting. 
I am staying busy and thinking the best.
I hope and pray that my son's division is smart and strong.
I hope I hear his voice soon... or open my mailbox
to a sweet surprise. I hope my son has made some friends
and is learning and feels he has made the right decision.
Mostly I  hope that he knows he is loved and supported.
Press on, son. Press on. 

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