Friday, August 12, 2011

the box...

When your child departs for Navy boot camp you understand
that communication will be extremely limited. The night of arrival
 there is a 30 second call to say "I'm here." 
The recruits basically read from a script for that call.
It is hurried and succinct, but the few words
 you hear are like gold. "I love you" never sounded sweeter.

Then follows the wait for the dreaded "kid in a box". 
My son arrived in Great Lakes this past Monday and "the Box"
arrived on our doorstep on Thursday. In my continuing effort
to "man up" and face this Navy thing square in the face,
I opened the box. Inside were the clothes and shoes my son
left home in, along with his boarding pass and a few other 
papers. That cardboard box really makes this Navy thing real.
My son is there, in Great Lakes, wearing Navy issued clothes
and shoes... he is gone! Cue the violins,,, but wait! What's that?
There on the box flap is a message... a few words that lit my face
with a grin that has accompanied me for 2 days! 
"This is already too easy! Love y'all!" 
After 5 days does he still think that? ;) Did he write it to
soothe his mom's troubled heart? All I know is that
it made me remember that this is his dream, his life
and I would be a fool to be sad. 
Yes, I miss him... so very much! 
But I am glad for him. And so proud of his choice to serve.
I am so grateful for the gift of those scrawled words.


  1. Got my scripted 30 second phone call at 2:15 a.m. Friday morning. So very excited for your son and for mine to serve in the Navy! Thanks for this blog. It's beautifully sweet and real. God bless.

  2. So sweet...amidst the worry, an unexpected little joy! Happy for you. :)

  3. No message in my son's box... :-(
    It is surreal getting their clothes.
    Dylan's scripted call seemed like it was about 10 serious sounding. Great to know he was there safe and sound though.


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