Thursday, August 4, 2011

3 days...

Look at  that smile! That's my sailor-to-be at the helm
of a cruise ship way back in the day. 
Actually, wasn't that yesterday?

He leaves for his recruiter's office Sunday afternoon
then on to Great Lakes for boot camp.
He is 18.
I tell you, there is no way  to explain this letting go.
The military is not like college. It is grown-up stuff
 and there is little margin for error. 
I think of this sweet boy and how quickly
he must become a man and my 
mother-heart aches. 
But this is an opportunity for him to shine,
to meet the world head-on and 
get busy with the business of life.

I will let him go in a few days. I will fold my sorrow
like a secret and slip it deep in a pocket.
This is what a mother does
and strives to do so with grace. 
Godspeed son. 
I love you.

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  1. :(
    Before Jessica left for boot camp, she was so uncertain with her decisions. I told her not to focus any further than the 30 days of boot camp and when she comes home, she can make any future decisions. When Jessica left for boot camp, I acted so strong and she had no idea that on the inside I was a complete mess. I cried for days and couldn't stop thinking of her night and day. It was like ruminating thoughts. As soon as she was able to call and say, "mom, I really like it", I could finally relax. I pray that your son is comfortable with his decision and enjoys his journey ahead of him. Stay strong momma until you can hear him say "mom, I really like it". xoxo


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