Thursday, April 12, 2012

sisters of the heart

So, as of 4/8/12 my son has been in the Navy for 8 months. 
It is rather surreal. 
I am very proud of what he has accomplished.
Nuclear Field A School is done. He is a 3rd Class Petty Officer.
And now he is in the 2nd level of his schooling... Power School.
He seems well adjusted to military life.

He seems impossibly far away.

The nature of nuke school makes communication spotty. 
School days are long and study hours take up much of the limited
"free time" the sailors have. 
I have to be honest... there is a huge hole in my heart.
I don't mention it, except to my "sisters"~
my Nuke mom friends. 
We buoy one another~ laugh, cry, pray, share too much~
and build a bond that is so deep and strong. 
I love them.
That is the condolence prize...
the gift of true friends and I am so grateful for it.
Still, I miss my sailor every day... miss him thundering down
the stairs and drinking all the milk. 
I miss his loud truck and I miss
cooking for him and talking to him.
We won't see him until late September.

My Navy sisters will keep me afloat.
And I will do the same for them.

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