Friday, October 7, 2011

brave new world

Last week at this time we were in Great Lakes enjoying 
our son's brief liberty after his boot camp graduation. 
It seems like a year ago! 
The time flew. Those few hours over 2 short days were
not nearly enough. The good bye at O'Hare 
was brutal. Since my son's arrival at NNPTC 
communication has been pretty good... texts, phone calls,
FaceBook. But it is hard to realize that this 
is as good as it gets. I've been sad, but I am
determined to accept this new reality, and to
support and encourage my Sailor. 
It is a rough road, a lonely place for a mother's 
heart. But there is no option except to let go
and CHOOSE gratitude. 
Today I am grateful for family and friends,
for the supportive military community
and for the gift of this day. 

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