Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A year ago my son was a high school senior
who was talking to a US Navy recruiter.
Today he is a a Sailor with three red stripes
on his sleeve, stationed at
in Goose Creek, S.C. 
He begins classes later this month, 
the start of a long trek toward becoming
a Machinist Mate-Nuclear Field. 

PIR (boot camp graduation) was amazing.
Our short time with our son was an emotional
roller coaster. I don't like roller coasters.
I thought my first post after PIR would be 
a song of joy, a celebration of pride.
And I feel those things, I assure you,
but in all honesty, I am bereft.
Boot camp had a beginning and an end.
But this, ah this... this is our new reality.
Our son is a Sailor. He chose to serve
and he is gone and he is grown.
He is not in college or at a regular job. 
Nothing or no one comes before 
his commitment to the Navy.

I trust that this new reality will lose some of its
sharp barbs in time, that this ache will ease.
I am grateful for easier communication 
with my Sailor now, happy to know
he is safe and moving toward his goals.
I am trying to concentrate on these things
and thinking of Christmas, hoping 
he has leave.

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