Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the power of a smile

The shortest distance between two people is a smile.  
~Author Unknown

My sweet son is in his last days at RTC . He graduates  next week! 
His division's finals days will be filled with challenges~
final PFAs, inspections, drills, Captain's Cup
We received a short phone call on Monday~ a reward for a perfect
score on an inspection. My son sounded great, a bit weary, 
but upbeat and ready to wrap this thing up! 
On Tuesday, we got the best gift ever! 
 has two contests weekly. One of our division moms 
WON Tuesday's trivia game (no small feat, as there
 are MANY parents, spouses, etc playing). 
So, with no further ado~ I  present 
Ship 7 USS CHICAGO Division 327
83 strong and lookin' good in their NWUs!!! 
 A photo from boot camp is a treasure!!! Winning the contest
is the only way to get a photo from boot camp.
It is just amazing to have this peek 
at the division! And best of all... look at those GRINS!!!!
They were told what the photo was for! They know their moms,
 dads, wives, girlfriends, etc will
see this photo. I love their beautiful smiles!
This photograph is a treasure. 

And where is my SR?
He is on the very top of the heap~ top upper right,
CLIMBING (oh, how he loves to climb) on something
and rocking the best smile ever!!
That's my boy! 
Note his collar device~ He is a Recruit Petty Office.
That smile is a beautiful sight.
See you soon, son! 

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  1. Oh, what a treat to get this photo! You must be on cloud nine ~ your son looks so happy! Congratulations... :)


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