Friday, September 2, 2011

best day(s) ♥

How wonderful is is to have some communication from my son
in boot camp!!! We have now gotten TWO real 
letters and a glorious, long phone call!!!!
My son is doing very well and has the honor
of holding a Recruit Petty Officer position! 
He sounds great in his letters and on the phone.
In spite of having a cold (known as the Ricky Crud),
pink-eye and having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled,
he is upbeat and determined! 
He had his birthday in boot camp and spent
his first hours of being 19 standing watch and toting
a 9mm pistol. He is making friends
and says his RDCs are "smart, good people"
beneath "the show they put on". 
I am so grateful for his positive attitude! 
Our trip is booked now and in 4 weeks 
we will be at our son's PIR.
That will be another 'best day".

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