Monday, April 25, 2011

this boy...

This boy is enjoying his last days of childhood.
He mows lawns and sings in church choir.
He plays X-box and hangs out with his girl.
He teases his little brother
and tells me he loves me.

I can not imagine being 18 years old and making such
a major decision. He has signed up
for 6 years of military service. Six years
is a long time no matter how you slice it, but at 18
it is HUGE! 
I admire his courage, his willingness to leap
forward into real life. 
And I hope he will be happy with his choice.
I hope he will appreciate the amazing opportunity
he has to learn and do meaningful work.

This boy~ he makes me proud.


  1. So sweet! I'm sure he will make you even more proud as the years go on...

  2. Thanks Barbara! And I'm sure your son will do the same for you! ♥


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