Friday, July 22, 2016


 I am so blessed to have been able to visit my sailor last month.
He has been out a sea a lot as the ship prepares for deployment.
Fortunately he had a little time in port and I, my daughter &
youngest son went out to visit him and his fiancee. 

It is wonderful that my son is stationed in beautiful San Diego!
The weather was perfect and we enjoyed our visit so much! 

We toured the ship (my 2nd time!). 
It s always sobering to see the work environment of our sailors.
It is harsh, in a word. 

 My son is a confident, hard-working sailor with almost
5 years of service under his belt.
I am very proud of him. 

If you can, visit your sailor. See their work environment.
It will give you an eye-opening perspective on the everyday life 
of those who choose to serve in the US Navy. 
It is a life of hard-work and sacrifice and they all
deserve our respect and support .

 I loved having most of my kids together for a few days.
It did my heart good! ♥  

And then, with grateful hearts, we say good-bye for a while.
Happy memories will keep us strong until we meet again.
We will treasure these blessed days.


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