Wednesday, July 3, 2013

all good things...

 It's true... all good things must come to an end, and our sailor's wonderful, long leave did just that~
it ended.

So this heap of belongings ...
 was sorted and packed...
 and became this.
 And it was time for the last hug. 
This, my friends, does NOT become easier. 
That is myth and a not very nice one either. 
It diminishes the reality of these good-byes.
They are hard.
And, for me, saying "See you later" in place of "Good-bye" 
makes no difference. My heart knows the truth.
But I was brave! It is NOT easier, but I HAVE gotten 
better at it. :)

Father and son set off for sunny southern Cal~
San Diego, to be exact. It was a road trip to remember. 

Back at home... I was grateful for having had 
such a marvelous visit with my son.

But, I was a little sad. The house was too quiet.
The dog... well, he was sad, too. 

Soon sailor and dad arrived in San Diego. 
After a short visit, the hubs flew home 
and our sailor reported to his ship, the USS Carl Vinson.
After almost 2 years, our sailor was ON A BOAT!  ;) 
Okay, well, maybe it's not exactly like that...
but more like these photos that he took on his first underway. 

 So, this post is not really about endings. 
It is about a beginning, a new adventure for my sailor.

 And I have memories of all my kids together,
happy, healthy and having fun!
I am so very thankful.
All good things... yes, I really do have all good things.♥ 
 Blessed beyond measure.
So the journey continues...

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  1. Hello I have to Thank you for your Blog, I came across it through your etsy shop, looking for something that said proud navy mom, my son leaves for BC in september and your words and posts have been so touching it was like my thoughts and words through someone elses eyes, what you were feeling and writing about when your boy was getting ready to leave for BC is so what im going through right now so thank you for sharing your experience and helping me know what im feeling is normal and to help me see what im feeling in words so i can better understand the emotions and journey that i am taking with my son


♥ your comments are much appreciated ♥