Monday, July 2, 2012

things that make a momma smile...

My son has been off on his "great adventure" 
for 11 months!
Sometimes I feel like he left yesterday, but 
more often it feels like he  has been a sailor
for a very long time. 
I miss him. Nothing new there,
but there are things things that warm my heart~
like the photo above.♥
My sailor/pirate is in green
and he is dressed for a day of sailing.
Yes, finally he set foot on a BOAT!!
Okay, not a NAVY boat, but a boat nonetheless!
It makes me happy to see him fitting in some fun
and outdoor activity with some of 
his shipmates. You might have to be a 
nuke mom to totally appreciate this. 
My son is over halfway done with part 2 (of 3)
of his nuclear schooling. He has a lot to be
proud of, but still a ways to go. 
He is working hard and he makes me so proud.
It makes the "missing him part" at bit
easier to bear. 
February was a long time ago. That's when I 
last saw him. If all goes well, he will
graduate Power School on Sept. 14th.
I am counting the days! 
The Navy continues to teach not only my son,
but me as well. I have learned so much
about faith and letting go.
I have learned that you can live 
with your heart in two places at once.
And that makes me smile.

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