Wednesday, February 8, 2012

half a year later...

~class 1203-A
My Navy mom journey continues...
On Monday my son passed his A School Comps at 
He graduates on Friday and will be a Third Class Petty Officer.
He has a lot more hard schooling ahead of him, but this
is a great accomplishment. Nuke school is generally regarded
as one of the most academically demanding school in the military. 
My sailor has had his ups and downs and has worked
so hard to get to this point in his training.
Along the way he has adjusted to military life, lived far
from family, maintained a long distance relationship
with his sweet girl, learned to do laundry and made some 
friends for life. His visit at Christmas was a joy
for our entire family. 
As for me~ I have stayed BUSY and have somewhat
adjusted to my nearly empty nest. Now 3 of my 4 
kids are launched out into the world. 
I miss them, but I know this is the way of the world. 
My other 2 grown kids are close by and I see
them often. My sailor is far away and so busy with 
nuke school and Navy life. His days are long.
Thank God for technology. I am grateful for texts, 
FaceBook and phone calls to keep us connected. 
But truth is, I miss him all the time.
I am so proud of all my sweet kids. 
I am blessed beyond measure...
and~ I am going to Charleston to see my sailor graduate! 
Oh, happy day!!!

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