Wednesday, July 20, 2011

19 days and counting...

I'm not sure how we got here, but my son leaves
 for boot camp in 19 days.
It seems like yesterday that we were counting months
and now it is just over 2 weeks! .
I am staying busy, trying not to obsess, but it is tough-
and he's still here! 
My son is getting ready. Yesterday he went through
a lot of stuff in his room. He cleaned up his desk top
computer since he now has an amazing lap top
to take to Charleston. The ball is rolling
and gathering speed. His new life is so close.
I am so excited for him, but scared, too.
How will he feel in Great Lakes,
 so far from home,
among strangers and under duress?
 I have confidence in him, but still, a mother
 does not like to know 
that her child will be in distress, tired and homesick.
I KNOW he will do fine. I understand the method.
These young people have to be able to withstand pressure
and still perform their tasks. 

So, it is nearly time for my son to say good bye
and face his future.
19 days.

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