Tuesday, June 21, 2011

reality check

Early last November there was excitement at my house.
Our middle son, a high school senior, had gotten an impressive
ASVAB  score, one that opened the door to a world
of opportunity for a very bright kid who is a bit of a, shall we say,
non-conformist. This boy loves to work, loves to DO things, figure
out things, fix things. He is impatient with extraneous stuff-
like elective classes. He wants to learn useful things, that pertain
to the job at hand. Nuke school sounds like the place for him.

So last fall, through the winter, even this spring~ his ship date 
of 8/8 seemed distant. It was easy to be excited
and happy about his choice to sign a 6 year contract
with the US Navy. And now, at less that 2 months
until his departure, I am still excited and happy, but ~
 BUT~ reality is whispering in my ear.

I am thinking of how everyday life will be without 
this sweet, funny boy close by. He is my most
attentive child, the one (of 4) that looks out for me. 
He's a mama's boy~ not in a wimpy way, but in 
a sweet, loving way. I always thought he'd marry a sweet gal
and live around the corner. I thought they'd eat dinner with 
us a few times a week and he'd still carry heavy things
for me and kiss me on top of the head when he left.

But, this boy will sail the seven seas. He will learn
and grow and become a fine man and a sailor.
And it begins soon. 
It is what he needs to do and I am excited and happy.
I am. I am. I am.
That's my job. 

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